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THERE IT IS! My very own Playboy Special editions cover! YEAH! HOORAY! It’s so exciting to see myself in print, I’m at a loss for words! WOOOHOOO!

Ok, so in other news, if you’d like to order one, go to my site- and follow the instructions. I’ll paypal invoice you and you’ll get a signed copy to your address of choosing.

In celebration of my boobs on the cover of a magazine, I’m going to go sing Karaokee tonight. (Angel is the Centerfold, anyone?)


  1. Richard Bublitz says:

    WOW… awesome! Congratulations.

  2. Dean says:

    Wow, now that you are a PB cover girl I guess your modeling rate just went up, eh???

  3. Titania Lyn says:

    Rates didn't go up one bit. I would like to work more, so I'm keeping them stuck!

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