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I love Chicago- It was the first city I did a modeling-work trip to, and everytime I go, the city treats me well. Here’s a collection of photographs from my trip (you photographers are speeeeeedy!) plus one from a photographer I worked with on this trip from the last time we worked together.

(From left to right: EJR Photo, Huit Photography, GEM Photographic, and Artblanche)


  1. Javie says:

    I'll let you guess which one is my fave!
    Great work, as usual.

  2. cursive says:

    like always great photos :) i want to visit chicago too. my aunt lived there and i have heard a lot about the lakeside and especially the shivering cold in winter.

  3. few words about... says:

    Hi from Cyltius.
    Cool blog, great model, beautiful photos.
    (As always with you.)
    Have a good life.

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