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What do you want for Valentine’s Day?

Someone made the mistake of asking me what I wanted for Valentine’s day on Since I didn’t make a christmas OR birthday list, I guess this is my “things I want and would adore but can’t justify getting them myself” list. (ps- Measurements: 39-29-39, Bra is 36DD)

Trashy’s Pinup Collection. I love them ALL. I love the exaggerated lines, colors, adornments… I’ve been to the Trashy boutique in LA, and I almost died. Everything they do is so sexy and well made. I had a bra custom made for me from there and it’s my favorite. Here is a costume (and another) on sale that’s actually affordable- however they are ‘bargain’ made, so the fabric isn’t the same quality as say, their $400 costumes.

Frederick’s always has something that catches my eye- I love these boots (7.5) and this skirt and top combo (medium). I wanted to get the skirt and top in time for the last WW2 event I went to, but I ran out of time to order it and get it in time.

Speaking of WW2 events, I always buy fabric insisting that I’m going to get sewing dresses for dances and social gatherings. I never get anywhere close to actually doing it, so I keep surfing the web for dresses I like. I have a hard time finding true vintage wear in my size (I have big boobs, if you hadn’t noticed) so I find lots of cute reproduction dresses.

Oh, how I could write odes to thee! Look at this dress! and this one! this one…. *faint!* (psst- gift certificates!) The great thing about reenacting as a pinup is that you get to be too tight, too short, to shiny and too, well, too sexy! I think I’m good with pinup shoes (who am I kidding… I can always have more pinup shoes!) but the dresses are what I’m really lusting for right now.

Besides being a nerdy model, I’m a nerdy craftypants. This makes me love cool craftypants things. I love for that reason specifically. These mittens are so freaking fun! I would want them in a bottle green, though. (look! You can special order them in any color!)

I also happen to be looking for cool things for my walls, and I really like this letter press poster to hang near my bed.

I wouldn’t complain if I got flowers, chocolates, nice german white wine, fancy dinner, etc…

I also like tophats. Just sayin’.

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  1. Premed says:

    omg I love Stopstaring…lol I thought I was the only one east of Las Vegas and West of NY who even knew who they were…Haha

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