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A video! Let’s see if this works!

Hey! Here’s a video of my sister and I doing our comedy routine at the Ft. Indiantown Gap Reenactment in January


Keep your fingers crossed

Ok, So I made a phonecall and got my flight rebooked for wednesday. Let’s hope that this one doesn’t get thwarted by the 10″ of snow that is being predicted for tuesday night into wednesday. The Mero is still closed and I guess they are opening the below ground tracks tomorrow for the morning commute,… Continue reading »


Ahhh! It’s invading!

This pinup thing is getting ridiculous. Every single one of my past bazillion purchases have been either pinup shoot clothes or great 40′s inspired wear. 6 pairs of shoes came in the mail, every last one of them is pinup-y. Everything I bought at the thrift store had a shoot or event in mind. My… Continue reading »


Happy Veterans Day!

Veterans Day holds a very special place in my heart. First, I would like to show you what I feel is the most important photograph I’ve ever shot. This is my Grandfather, Frank. He was an Army Air Corps gunner in WW2. He never was one to talk about the war much, however he always… Continue reading »


If you are going to San Fransisco…

…be sure to wear flowers in your hair. Is it possible to long, even miss, an era you were never part of? I catch myself listening to Simon and Garfunkel, The Mommas and the Poppas, The Beatles and I long to be a teenager with my mom, getting my girlfriends together to listen to a… Continue reading »