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A video! Let’s see if this works!

Hey! Here’s a video of my sister and I doing our comedy routine at the Ft. Indiantown Gap Reenactment in January



THERE IT IS! My very own Playboy Special editions cover! YEAH! HOORAY! It’s so exciting to see myself in print, I’m at a loss for words! WOOOHOOO! Ok, so in other news, if you’d like to order one, go to my site- and follow the instructions. I’ll paypal invoice you and you’ll get a… Continue reading »


If you are going to San Fransisco…

…be sure to wear flowers in your hair. Is it possible to long, even miss, an era you were never part of? I catch myself listening to Simon and Garfunkel, The Mommas and the Poppas, The Beatles and I long to be a teenager with my mom, getting my girlfriends together to listen to a… Continue reading »


Atlanta ate my soul… or at least the phone.

Blarg. Somehow between texting home to let everyone know I’m safe and sound and waiting to get off the plane and a truck stop an hour or so north of ATL, the phone took a run for it. Grew legs and waltzed off. Poof! GONE! Shit. I noticed it gone when I went to make… Continue reading »