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When you say you liked nerds, do you mean anyone who like plays video games, card games, all that stuff that’s nerdy lol.

I love anyone who’s passionate about something, especially if it’s a little away from the norm. Geeky things are the coolest! Rennies, Cosplay, DandD… I like nerds that aren’t afraid to be themselves! Ask me anything


Do you have any unusual hobbies or any unusual talents?

Well, I’m a pretty odd kid, if I do say so myself. I like to do WW2 reenacting, I sew, I paint, draw, collage, photograph, bake…. I’m bendy, I love Karaoke, I can sing all of the states in alphabetical order… Ask me anything


Tales of the amazing garbage digger!

I am a treasure hunter. I seek out cheap thrills in dark corners of thrift shops, down back allies of garage sales and in my most glorious of moments- other people’s garbage. Today, I was up at 8am. EIGHT AM!! Weird. I went to the gym, came home and about three blocks from my house… Continue reading »


The Joys of Travel

Today was the trip where everything went wrong, however, it worked out better than I had planned in the end. Start with a flight at the ass crack of dawn. Blarg. I wish cheap flights were at a normal time of day, so that I’m pulling into ticketing with the sun up already instead of… Continue reading »


The Anti-Vacation

Le sigh. This has been “one of those months”. You know, the kind that you get to the point where anything terrible happens and it ceases to surprise you. To quote the musical that has been running through my head all week “I tried. You know I tried.” Started with a misunderstanding for what was… Continue reading »


To do list.

Today will be productive, I swear. It seems like it takes me two days being home to actually do anything. Yesterday I cleaned up the sewing room so that Model Sarah could sleep there, and I kept getting distracted and inspired by buttons, ribbons, stamps…. I have so many things I have to get sewn… Continue reading »


It’s good to have you with us

even if it’s just for today. Outside the sun is shining, feels like heaven ain’t far away. Home, tomorrow. I think about it, and this is the first place I’ve lived outside of my parents house that I regularly call home. In college it was “my room” or “the dorm” and everywhere else it was… Continue reading »


Phone. I have one.

Phone problem is fixed. Went to the Verizon store today, got the whole crap sorted out and I’m now holding on to a shiny red phone. Holding on very tightly. Let’s pray the rest of this trip doesn’t bust up like it did today. Photograph by Frog516.


A new game

So this weekend I played another new game called Bananagram. It’s sort of like scrabble, but if you’re like me and get sick of the constraints scrabble puts on you (“oh, if only I could re-arrange this entire puzzle I could get this stupid letter to fit!”) then you will love this game. Each player… Continue reading »