where the knives of surgeons and the wizardry of Photoshop have come to define our modern take on feminine beauty, it's easy to forget that men used to wield hammers and chisels over marble in the pursuit of capturing its true essence. Appropriately, our modern artifacts of "beauty" are relegated to disposable digital media (often not much more than a blog), supermarket check-out aisles, and completely forgotten by the next update or next issue. Meanwhile, the iconic evidence of femininity past is captured a bit more permanently in million-dollar paintings, in sculpture displayed and heavily-alarmed in the Louvre, and archived in analog film canisters in climate-controlled rooms the world over.

is a refreshing return to a classic concept of beauty that served humanity for entire centuries before the airbrush even existed. All-natural from head to toe at 39-29-39, this stunning enchantress is more along the lines of something you'd wreck a ship over than something you'd passively ogle on a celeb gossip site. It didn't take long for the world to notice. Shortly upon graduation from Valparaiso University, Titania graced the pages of numerous pinup calendars, appeared in music videos, booked appearances, and was featured prominently in Playboy special issues, culminating in the highly coveted cover spot atop the June/July 2010 issue of Playboy's Vixens.

early success, Titania Lyn remains as real and as true as her natural curves. The product of a Midwestern upbringing, the Wisconsin native possesses not only a razor-sharp wit and tongue, but also a strong sense of the practicality and genuineness exemplified by the region. Both a Packers fan and a beer-drinker who inexplicably hates purses, Titania has a philanthropic streak that often finds her donating time and energy toward troop and veteran's causes.

paintbrushes, and darkrooms have given way to scalpels and mousepads, perhaps it takes an all-encompassing beauty like Titania Lyn to truly save us from ourselves.

- Brent Eyestone